These are a set of thoughts that drive my skepticism and inspire me towards continuous inquiry.

  1. I do not need the opiate they call religion, for I shall hold nothing on faith alone. I will require evidence, reason and critical thought to arrive at conclusions.
  2. Because I may know your holy book better than you does not mean I am repressing a hidden inner ‘true’ belief in your deity, it means that I care if what I believe is true. I will spend time and energy looking into claims to verify there is substantial reason believe and when there is not I will abandon those beliefs.
  3. I will not only research and investigate one side of an issue, I will try to inform myself of many facets of a topic.
  4. I shall hold arguments from popularity as irrelevant. How many people believe a ‘thing’ does not necessitate ‘truth’.
  5. I shall dismiss arguments from ignorance. Because we do not know the true cause does not infer that a supernatural or pseudo scientific explanation is the correct one.
  6. I believe extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
  7. My systematic doubt is not a negative, it is an asset, along with continuous inquiry, for I value the truth.
  8. “We don’t know”, is a perfectly acceptable answer instead of a made up one. I accept that there are limits to knowledge.
  9. I shall exhibit a joy and wonder in learning about the world while trying to keep at bay emotion driven thinking.
  10. I will question, question, question, question, question, question, question….